Min søde eksmand, som altid har lidt (og dermed indirekte jeg) af lavt blodsukker, har nu, på sine ældre dage udviklet en mave, som han aldrig har haft før. Han vil gerne af med den, men han vil helst ikke gøre noget for det. Nu er han begyndt med noget træning og jeg har opfordret ham til at prøve LCHF. Fordi jeg kender hans ustabile blodsukker, så ved jeg at denne kost kunne ske at være svaret for ham. Men han gider ikke lave mad, så jeg har udfærdiget en liste over retter, som er nemme at lave og som minder om noget han laver i forvejen.

Her får I den – på engelsk – fordi han er englænder!

Ideas for LCHF breakfast
Coffee with coconut oil and an egg! Yes, it’s delicious! I promise you. Ask for recipe!

Bacon, sausages and eggs, fried in butter – full English without the bread and the beans, but with the mushrooms and the tomatoes

Smoked fish and scrambled eggs

Ideas for LCHF lunches
LCHF cheese buns with topping (make a batch once a week and keep them in the fridge

Tuna with mayonnaise, 1/2 avocado and some vegetables

Salad with bacon and mozzarella cheese, lemon juice and plenty of olive oil and 1/2 avocado

Leftovers from the day before
Ideas for LCHF dinners (the easy ones)
Lasagne with eggplant or squash as layers (one side – the other side with pasta for Lukas) – topped with plenty of cheese

Swedish sausage dish: fry sausages and onions, pur over tomato paste and water for a thick sauce. Divide into 2 portions – cook some potatoes for Lukas and some other vegetables for you (I like cauliflower)

Meat fried in butter. Served with a salad or boiled vegetables – pour loads of cream on the pan and reduce till thick.Alternatively a big dollop of full fat mayonnaise. Lukas gets some potatoes.

Bacon and eggs

Chili con carne (with our the beans) – use the meat with the high fat content. Serve with a big dollop of creme fraiche.

Mix 150 g of grated cheese with 3 eggs, 1 spoonful of FiberHusk and 2 spoonfuls of pouffier. Mix well, spread put thinly, bake till brown and crips, put on toppings and bake til it looks done!

Meat with creamed cabbage: fry whatever meat you want. Boil finally sliced cabbage till tender. Put on a pan and fry in a bit of butter. Add some cream ( dl) and reduce till thick.

Chicken wrapped in bacon, served with a bearnaise sauce and salad

Cheese taco wraps: melt circles of cheese on the oven till brown. Take ogg baking paper and hang over an elevated oven rack so they look like taco shells. Fill with spiced ground beef, salsa, creme fraiche, lettuce and avocado

Fry beef in curry. Fry loads of finely cut cabbage till soft.

Roast dinner – use the stock from the meat and reduce, add cream and reduce till thick. Serve with boiled vegetables.

Peppers filled with spicy mince, topped with cheese and baked. Serve with a tomato sauce

Cottage pie – made with cauliflower mash instead of potatoes

Fried pork chops, in a tomato sauce, topped with LOADS of cheese – melt in oven and serve with a salad

Fried vegetables and chicken – add thai curry paste and the thick part of the coconut milk

Pork mince – 500 g – add an egg and a finely chopped onion. Cut leek, put in an ovenproof dish, put mince on top. Bake till cooked through. Serve with mayonnaise and vegetables

“potatosalad” – make the dressing – half mayo, half creme fraiche and chives, salt and pepper. Boil potatoes for L and cauliflower for you and cool down. Mix the dressing with the vegetables. Serve with sausages.

Boil a whole gammon (hamburgerryg). Defrost spinach and cook with cream till thick. Season with salt and pepper (and nutmeg if you have it).

Broccolli fries or green bean fries:
Pour oil over beans or broccoli cut in long pieces. Season with salt, penner and onion powder (of you have it). Cook for about 30-40 minutes turning regularly till brown and a little crisp. Serve with meat and mayonnaise

Vegetable soup (not carrots of potatoes) – cook with bacon and cream and serve with an LCHF cheese bun and a dollop of creme fraiche


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