Carbloading info

Det er altid en god idé at læse sig klogere på noget nyt og efter lidt researche har jeg lært følgende:

1) Man skal på en carb loading dag ikke spise ret meget fedt
2) Man skal helst gøre det på en dag, hvor man har trænet hårdt
3) Det skal helst ikke være sukker og dårlige kulhydrater, men kartofler og ris
4) Jo mere man normalt holder sig fra kulhydrater, jo flere skal man spise på carb load dagen!
5) andre siger man bare skal spise hvad man vil, men 1 + 2+ 3 + 4 er det anbefalede for vægttab!

Med det i mente gjorde jeg kun 1 ting rigtigt – spiste kartofler, men jeg spiste en del fedt og jeg spiste ikke mange kulhydrater og jeg havde slet ikke været nede at træne!

Læse fra denne side:
How Should You Do It?
As I mentioned in the refeed post, keep the fat content of your meals down when doing a carb feed – about 50 grams for the day. Why? For one, fat doesn’t have as much an effect on leptin as carbs or protein do, and two, since triglycerides have been shown to prevent leptin from crossing the blood-brain barrier (into the brain where leptin does its work), the increased postprandial triglycerides (which are a normal, temporary, physiological consequence of eating fat and different from elevatedfasting triglycerides) may reduce the effectiveness of leptin.
The greater you normally restrict carbs, the more you eat on your refeed. If you’re hanging out in the 100-150 gram range, you probably won’t need much – if any – of a boost in carbs. If you’re below 100 grams, I’d do 250 grams or so. If very low carb (below 50 grams), shoot for 300-350.
Do your refeed on a training day. Lift/sprint/run/hike/play big and, then, eat big. Your insulin sensitivity and leptin sensitivity will be high, your glycogen will be depleted, and you will basically be set up to store/burn the carbs and muscle energy rather than store it as fat. Leptin will increase regardless if you train or not, but doing it on a training day will mitigate any metabolic fallout.
Don’t use this as an excuse for stuffing your face with garbage. I mean, I suppose you could truly turn it into a cheat day and eat a couple pizzas, a gallon of ice cream, and a platter of crispy oxidized soybean oil-infused whatevers, but you’ll have better results with potatoes and yams (or even rice) and animals.


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